Development News (2022-04)

Once again we are here to bring you information about what we are developing in Speed Dreams since the last post. These are some of the works we have done…

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Development News (2022-02)

Hi all! We are here to bring you once again a summary of the work that we are doing on in our/your project since the last publication this Christmas. Before we…

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Development News (2021-11-21)

Some days ago, Xavier Bertaux, the main developer of this project, shared here a video of the new fictive Atlanta track. Today we are going to talk about other jobs,…

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Release 2.2.3

It's been more than 2 years and 9 months since the last official version of Speed Dreams (2.2.2), and after a beta and a release candidate, we are pleased to…



I am working on the implementation of real weather on speed dreams tracks using real data from internet. This implements cloud cover, rain (or snow), air pressure, temperature, wind speed…



Hello everyone, The Speed Dreams team is proud to announce the arrival of a new graphic designer, Mr Ney Candido da Silva Ribeiro, Brazilian. He has created new skins for…