You are currently viewing Christmas Development News (2021-12)

Christmas Development News (2021-12)

One more time we are here again to make a special Christmas report of our last works on the Speed Dreams code, since the last Development report:

New Interiors for Supercars. At the moment avaliable for Boxer 96 and Cavallo 360 (on this video), developed by Chad3006

Works on widgets for the OSG HUD , like the new Wheel/pedals widget, FPS counter, Tires for temp, wear and grip, and forces;  all developed by Madbad.

-New special Cavallo-360 Christmas liverie, created by Madbad

Works improving the current masterserver, with code cleanup and redesing, by SonLink.

-Lots of Fixes, optimizations and code cleanup

A lot of content you see in the video is under development, so it is normal to have bugs and glitches. You can test all this features on Linux playing with the Testing AppImage (Experimental)

Also, you can see all this changes on the following Christmas video of our Youtube Channel:

If you want, you can see this video on our LinuxRocks Peertube channel


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022 to all !