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Development News (2021-11-21)

Some days ago, Xavier Bertaux, the main developer of this project, shared here a video of the new fictive Atlanta track. Today we are going to talk about other jobs, no less important:

  • New animated drivers for the Speed Dreams cars that are being developed by Chad3006
  • New Interiors for Supercars. At the moment avaliable for Boxer 96, and in development for Cavallo 360. Also developed by Chad3006
  • Works on the HUD for OSG, like the new Wheel/pedals widget and the FPS counter, developed by Madbad.
  • Works improving this new web and the new masterserver by SonLink
  • New accounts on Twitter and Mastodon Social Networks.

We are also proud to present you the new Speed Dreams Official Youtube channel, where you can find the following video where you can see some of the things that we have been talking in this blog post: