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Development News (2022-02)

Hi all! 
We are here to bring you once again a summary of the work that we are doing on in our/your project since the last publication this Christmas. Before we start listing the changes, we would like to announce that we have integrated Chad3006 as an official member of the development team. As you know, this prominent member of the Speed Dreams community has collaborated with us on many occasions in the creation of new cars for the game. Welcome Chad! We now go to the development report:

  • Works on new FMC GT4 (Supercars) interiors (Chad3006):
  • Now 1967 Grand Prix cars have tire and degradation support (Xavier)
  • Lots of optimizations on 67GP robots, mainly on shadow and dandroid (Xavier)
  • Possibility of turn on/off the login on the webserver (Madbad)
  • Changed gforces scale in the gforcewidget to better fit forces produced by MP1 cars (Madbad)
  • Add tire & degradation on MPA11 & MPA12 (Xavier)
  • New officially released 67GP car: Mango MS7, with a new setup and corrected specs (Chad3006)
  • Optimizations on the tire model, now is more easy to get the tires on optimal temp (Xavier)
  • Works on OSG debug graphs (Iobyte)
  • New track on development: Melbourne circuit (Xavier)
  • Lots of new car brand logos (Chad and Madbad)
  • Allow choice of startup display for multi-display systems (BeagleJoe)
  • Updated LS2 generic skins with better resolution  for Vortex GT, Lynx XKR and Sprite GTS cars (Leillo)
  • Added a minimum force feedback level so small forces can be felt on weak steering wheels (Iobyte)
  • Added nationality to all SD robots, to be displayed at the end of the race (Madbad and Xavier)
  • The tire temperature is also displayed in the SSG wheels widget (Xavier)
  • Lots of various code fixes and optimizations  (mainly Beaglejoe)
  • Works improving the current masterserver, with code cleanup and redesing (SonLink)

Remember that many of these changes are still under development and are likely to be buggy. You can test them if you want by compiling the latest trunk code …And of course, like in the last updates we have a new and special Speed Dreams video for you. This time, and given that a lot of work has been done in the 67GP category, we will race those great cars from one of the golden ages of motor racing, and for this we will go to the south of England, to our Brondehach circuit. We hope you like it:

If you prefer, you can watch this same video at LinuxRocks Peertube.