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Development News (2022-04)

Once again we are here to bring you information about what we are developing in Speed Dreams since the last post. These are some of the works we have done in the last two months:

  • Added MP1 2022 (experimental) category (22MP1), with Sector MCL36 openwheeler (thanks Peter Collings)
  • Specific setups created for MP1 shadow robots in certain tracks. (Xavier)
  • Steering wheel rotation range is now an user configurable parameter in degrees (Iobyte)
  • Implementation of the Delta Widget in the OSG HUD. Lots of fixes, adjustements and enhacements (MadBad)
  • Updated forcefeedback-config-menu background image and fonts (MadBad)
  • Fixed and add engine information that is missing in many cars and categories (Iobyte) 
  • Updated the interior and animated driver on the FMC GT4 supercar, (sc-fmc-gt4) (Chad3006)

  • Start-up of the new masterserver (thanks SonLink). It is necessary to register again to be able to use it and send our best times.
  • Implemented FX sounds (thanks Franzopow) in the game menus. Created new sound configuration section in the sound menu. (Beaglejoe)


To show you some of these new features, we have recorded this video. In it we enjoy the renewed interior of the FMC GT4 Supercar at the Alicante circuit. You can also listen to the FX sounds in the menus at the beginning:

If you prefer, you can see this video on our LinuxRocks Peertube Channel.