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New 2.3.0 Beta 1 Release

After lots of commits since the last stable release we have the first Beta of what will be the next 2.3.0 release. As you can see in the changelog we have been working hard to bring you a lot of new features that we hope you will like, but the road to the final release is not yet complete and we need your help testing this beta, and if you find bugs, which you will, please report them using the links below:

Ticket Support Service:

Help section of our Official Discussion Forums:

Developers Chat:

We would also like to tell you that we have something new for Windows users, and that is that you can now download a full installer of the game, with all the official content, in addition to the usual installers. 

You will find the files for this new beta 1 for Windows, Linux and Mac, as always on our Sourceforge site:

And now you can see a new Speed Dreams video on the new Melbourne track. We hope you like it:

The list of changes since the previous official version (2.2.3) is as follows:

  • Changed sound for 67gp-cavallo-123 (Franzopow)
  • Add initial fuel to car setup menu (IObyte)
  • Lots of fixes and skins for LS1 robots (Xavier)
  • New gears change fx sound (Franzopow)
  • Lots of improvements on the Java Trackeditor tool (IObyte)
  • Added more cars and robots to MPA12 category (based on Indycar 2012), adding support for tire wear and degradation (Xavier)
  • Added MP1 2022 (experimental) category (22MP1), with Sector MCL36 openwheeler (thanks Peter Collings)
  • Specific setups created for MP1 shadow robots in certain tracks. (Xavier)
  • Steering wheel rotation range is now an user configurable parameter in degrees (Iobyte)
  • Implementation of the Delta Widget in the OSG HUD. Lots of fixes, adjustements and enhacements (MadBad)
  • Updated forcefeedback-config-menu background image and fonts (MadBad)
  • Fixed and add engine information that is missing in many cars and categories (Iobyte)
  • Updated the interior and animated driver on the FMC GT4 supercar, (sc-fmc-gt4) (Chad3006)
  • Start-up of the new masterserver (thanks SonLink). It is necessary to register again to be able to use it and send our best times.
  • Implemented FX sounds (thanks Franzopow) in the game menus. Created new sound configuration section in the sound menu. (Beaglejoe)
  • Works on new FMC GT4 (Supercars) interiors (Chad3006)
  • Now 1967 Grand Prix cars have tire and degradation support (Xavier)
  • Lots of optimizations on 67GP robots, mainly on shadow and dandroid (Xavier)
  • Possibility of turn on/off the login on the webserver (Madbad)
  • Changed gforces scale in the gforcewidget to better fit forces produced by MP1 cars (Madbad)
  • Add tire & degradation on MPA11 & MPA12 (Xavier)
  • New officially released 67GP car: Mango MS7, with a new setup and corrected specs (Chad3006)
  • Optimizations on the tire model, now is more easy to get the tires on optimal temp (Xavier)
  • Works on OSG debug graphs (Iobyte)
  • New track on development: Melbourne circuit (Xavier)
  • Lots of new car brand logos (Chad and Madbad)
  • Allow choice of startup display for multi-display systems (BeagleJoe)
  • Updated LS2 generic skins with better resolution for Vortex GT, Lynx XKR and Sprite GTS cars (Leillo)
  • Added a minimum force feedback level so small forces can be felt on weak steering wheels (Iobyte)
  • Added nationality to all SD robots, to be displayed at the end of the race (Madbad and Xavier)
  • The tire temperature is also displayed in the SSG wheels widget (Xavier)
  • Lots of various code fixes and optimizations (mainly Beaglejoe)
  • Works improving the current masterserver, with code cleanup and redesing (SonLink)
  • Added Tire Wear and Degradation support to SuperCars category
  • New animated drivers for the Speed Dreams Supercars that are being developed by Chad3006
  • New Interiors for Supercars. At the moment avaliable for Boxer 96 and Cavallo 360. Also developed by Chad3006
  • Works on the OSG HUD , like the new Wheel/pedals widge, tFPS counter and Tires app for temp, wear and grip, developed by Madbad.
  • Lots of Fixes, optimizations and code cleanup
  • Move Melbourne in official (by Xavier)
  • Add tracklights & camera to Melbourne (by Xavier)
  • Added penalty for Dandroid’s driver (by Xavier)
  • Update shadow_ls1 setup (by Xavier)
  • Add OPTION_ALL_IN_ONE_PACKAGING to make one big installer for Windows(off by default) (by Beaglejoe)
  • The game now requires Java 1.8 for Trackeditor (by Beaglejoe)
  • Fix intermittant segfault (from Xavi92)
  • Desactivate dynamic shadow if visibility is < 500 (by Xavier)
  • Added fog in car’s shaders (first work) (by Xavier)
  • Update fog parameter in rain mode (by Xavier)
  • Fix clearcolor with fog color (by Xavier)
  • Allow in-game volume adjustment (by Beaglejoe)
  • Update skid_tyres (by franzopow)
  • Added a multi-monitor fullscreen mode (by Beaglejoe)
  • Added resizable Window support (by Beaglejoe)
  • Multiple trackgen fixes, optimizations and new features (by IOByte)
  • Fixes on multiple tracks with the updated trackgen (by IOByte)
  • Fix multiple joystick support (by IOByte)
  • A huge job fixing, optimising and adding multiple features to Trackeditor (not available on AppImage, by IOByte)
  • Updates on SDL2, SDL2_mixer, openalsoft, curl, zlib, libpng, expat (by Beaglejoe)
  • Lots of Fixes, optimizations and code cleanup
  • Works improving this new web and the new masterserver by SonLink:
  • New accounts on Twitter and Mastodon Social Networks: and
  • New video channels on Youtube and Peertube (LinuxRocks): and

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