You are currently viewing Test the latest code changes with our Linux Experimental AppImages Service (UPDATED)

Test the latest code changes with our Linux Experimental AppImages Service (UPDATED)

UPDATED: This automated AppImages service is inactive until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.

For a long time we would like everyone see and test the changes we regularly make to the Speed Dreams code, but we know that building programs from the source code is sometimes tedious and complex for some users. A few weeks ago, our collaborator Matthew Fenell has made available to Linux users a service that will allow them to download an AppImage automatically created with the latest code changes that can be found in trunk.

As you know, AppImage is a portable software distribution format in Linux, where by downloading a single file we have everything the OS needs to run the application, including its libraries and dependencies. To use it you only have to download it in this link, and then give executable permission to the file (chmod +x Speed Dreams-jenkins-latest-trunk-x86_64.AppImage) and that’s it.

We would also like to remind you that these AppImages are totally experimental and it is totally possible that you will find bugs in them. In that case we kindly ask you to please let us know through the following ways:

Tickets Support:

Developers Chat:

Discussion Forums:

Mailing Lists:

Remember that if you want to download the latest official and stable version of Speed Dreams you can do it in the Downloads section of our website.

To say goodbye we would like to show you a video where you can see the last works in the Monoposto America 2012 category, where we have added new cars, skins and robots, apart from the tire wear and degradation support. We hope you like it:




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