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New 2.3.0 Release Candidate

We are one step closer to the final 2.3.0 version of Speed Dreams with the launch of this Release Candidate. During these months we have not been idle, and there have been more than 100 commits , fixing lots of bugs, optimizing the code, and even adding some new features. Now we ask you once again to play our game and send any bugs you see before the final release. Please report them using the links below:

Ticket Support Service:

Help section of our Official Discussion Forums:

Developers Chat:

We are also very happy to have June Ravenmoon (aka Harunasan) back as developer, and WEC again as collaborator. Thanks you both! Taking the previous version 2.3.0 Beta as a reference, we have made the following changes:

  • Updated the BSD section (Beaglejoe)
  • Fix build on 64-bit ARM (Beaglejoe)
  • Updates on CMake, Expat, Curl, Libpng and SDL2 (Beaglejoe)
  • New wheels for LS-GT1s. New liveries + sources: Tsubashi (Archer), TAIGA (Zentek), Aitronics-AEP (Cavallo), Sprint Group (Toro). (June Ravenmoon)
  • New liveries for LS-GT1 drivers, for the following cars: Cavallo, Marisatech, Newcastle, Taipan, Vulture V6-R (June Ravenmoon)
  • Trackeditor: show object map objects in properties and on track view (IOBYTE)
  • Pit door border fix for current LS-GT1 robot teams (June Ravenmoon)
  • Fix for OSG gforces widget being reversed for accel/brake forces (Madbad)
  • Paint template for Vulture V5-R. Also livery for Shadow LS-GT1 (June Ravenmoon)
  • Lots of bugs corrected on trackeditor and trackgen (IOBYTE)
  • Update pitting on usr, shadow and dandroid robot drivers (Xavier)
  • Added sc-deckard-conejo to dandroid’s driver supercars (Xavier)
  • Fix setup for sc-deckard usr’s driver (Xavier)
  • Fixes on tire and degradation in supercars category (Xavier)
  • Update 3d ls1-newcastle-fury (by WEC)
  • Fix bug with fog distance on scene (Xavier)
  • Fix tyres & degradation for 67GP & add tyres & degradation to 67gp-mango-ms7 (Xavier)
  • Update sound engine for 67gp (Xavier)
  • Replace some preview jpegs (Beaglejoe)
  • Stock Cars 70′, karts, and LS2-Cavallo-360 are now visible using OSG (IOBYTE)
  • Add 67gp-murasama-37a (by WEC), add usr and shadow drivers (Xavier)
  • Update Dijon track (by Leillo)
  • Update usr, shadow and dandroid 67gp’ drivers (Xavier)
  • Update LS2-bavaria-nb (by WEC)
  • Fix missing 36gp-silber-w25b interior (IOBYTE)
  • Run mogrify on png files that have: libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile (IOBYTE)
  • Add air temperature in SSG interface  (Xavier)
  • Fix tyre temperature for 67gp-cavallo (Xavier)
  • Update for have steering wheel rotation setting (Xavier)
  • Try to fix collision at start when curv is near on shadow robots (Xavier)
  • Better braking for dandroid (Xavier)
  • Added new variable for better braking on shadow robots (Xavier)
  • Fix bug with wheel->Ttire (Xavier)

You will find the files for this new Release Candidate for Windows, Linux and Mac, as always on our Sourceforge site:

And as usual when we have news for you we have recorded a new video where you can see in action one of the newcomers, the Murasama 37A of the 67GP category (thanks WEC):